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Goal stopping checklist part 1. Genetics

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Fitness

I have recently had a few bouts of frustration at feeling that I really can't try anymore than I am and yet the results I want just aren't coming... as is the case in my life I like to share what I've learned so that those in the same boat don't feel they're alone either. Judging by responses I get from clients I don't think this is an odd feeling, I think at times we all feel like the input doesn't match the result.

He made us smile

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Mind

Robin Williams died today. The genie is gone. The man that made us laugh as an alien or an old woman... he was the inspiring teacher, the man to wake up Vietnam soldiers, he was always joking.. even in interviews he never seemed to turn it off.

Burpees!! Why you should do them...

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Fitness

There is one word that can cause the average person to break out in a cold sweat… it can bring an athlete to breaking point… it can cause a grown man to cry… that word my friends? Burpees.