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What is pretty....

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Mind

There’s nothing like song lyrics to get my thoughts flowing, and tonight it was driving home from HIIT class (our new name for bootcamp so we don’t scare off the unsure ones!) with the radio playing Unpretty by TLC.  

Doctored Information

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Mind

What is it about people in white coats that makes us perk our ears up and pay attention?

Goal stopping checklist part 3. Nutrition

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Food Talk

Some of you will be surprised that I have left this one until third as it's kind of my number one in most topics and what feel separates me from most other trainers is my knowledge on nutrition. For me I think food is one of the easiest things to change and see result whereas genetics is unchangeable and motivation can feel that way sometimes too! So here it sits at number three... and it's time to ask yourself is your input up to scratch? Are you denying that little part of your approach that could definitely do with some polishing and tidying up.