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Burpees!! Why you should do them...

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Fitness

There is one word that can cause the average person to break out in a cold sweat… it can bring an athlete to breaking point… it can cause a grown man to cry… that word my friends? Burpees.

What did you eat today?

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Nutrition

a-day-in-the-life-of-my-tummy-teaserSo for a while now I've been meaning to do the whole visual food diary thing... people often have a difficult time gettign their head around what and how I eat or they are just curious to know how one can eat only plants and actually enjoy food, so today I photographed everything I ate (which took a bit of memory as I kept forgetting that I was supposed to be documenting my food!) and have presented for your viewing pleasure below a run down on a day in the life of my pantry....

"I would try anything..."

Written by Loral Morrison. Posted in Food Talk

Watching documentories on tha dumb things people will do to lose weight can be like driving past a car wreck.