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Fine Tune Your Technique

Eclussive offer for Flex Fitness members

Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD is hosting the advertised focused training sessions. This offer is exclusive to Flex Fitness members. For training at other venues, please get in contact with your request.

Once you’ve learnt the basic fundamentals in the gym, it’s important to continue to develop your mobility, movement and technique in order to both get the most out of your training and prevent injury.

While developing your mobility and coordination is essential, it's also important to understand each part of your body's role in performing a movement so that you can maximize your potential output, stabilize weight safely and efficiently and move fluidly to prevent strain. That's where our expertise comes in, assessing your flow and helping you iron out those sticking points.

Loral has 10+ years of study and experience under her belt in Personal Training, Olympic and Power Lifting, Nutrition and Psychology. As a competitive Crossfitter and Olympic lifter, Loral has a passion to help others realise their body’s full potential.


Choose your skill

Whether experienced or new to Olympic lifting, learn how to take your clean & jerk and snatch lifts to the next level.

Clean up your body position and develop superior mobility so that you can more efficiently move mass without getting injured.

Build your engine so that you can perform consistently from beginning to end when undertaking longer training or activities.

Develop better efficiency and consistency through floor, bar and ring gymnastics movements. Mobilise tight muscle groups and joints to reduce risk of injury.

Identify where potential power is being lost and correct timing & posture to maximise your output, getting more reward for your effort.

Adjust head, arm, torso and hip position to gain greater efficiency. Assess and correct foot strike, stride and gate to prevent injury and build muscle memory.

Sign Up

So you want to move like a pro without damaging yourself? Awesome! Once you have filled out the form below, we will be in touch to let you know the details on how to pay, organise times for your sessions, what to expect each time and how to funnel through any queries that we can address.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions of very simple… they start with our promise to support you on your journey to developing a healthier and stronger you. In-turn, you will be agreeing to make every effort to give your body the best chance to thrive and develop the way you want it to. Payment will be made before the commencement to help ensure resources are available to provide you the best quality instruction possible

Please see the text above to read the terms and conditions for this challenge group.

Payments need to be made prior to the first session.

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