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Women's Strength Block Course

Our new women’s specific strength block course will be run exclusively for members of Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD.

The reason for a women’s specific strength course is that as women, our bodies function in a way unique to men and the advice widely circulated for strength building is designed primarily for the male anatomy and very rarely takes in to consideration the cycle that our bodies go through that effect our performance, capacity, recovery… the list goes on.

Loral has years of study under her belt in Personal Training, Olympic and Power Lifting, Nutrition and Psychology. As a competitive Crossfitter and Olympic lifter, Loral has a passion to help other women realise their body’s full potential.



  • 9.15am Wednesdays
  • Starts 22 July
  • 6 week course
  • @ Flex Fitness CBD
  • 2 enrolment options

So, why 9.15am on Wednesdays? We wanted to ensure those in our group have as much access to equipment as possible, so this time has been selected as it is often when the gym is completely empty.

What will we be doing? We will be going over a myriad of dynamic and static exercises designed to build strength, grow confidence, learn correct technique and increase your work capacity.

What are the enrolment options? The first is for the block course, providing you with knowledge and advice to smash your goals. The second is for the block course and 6 weeks of individuialised strength accessory programming.

What is the individualised strength accessory programming? We are offering attendees a highly subsidized accessory training plan to help maximize their progress. The programming will be tailored to you and your goals and will compliment your existing training regime.

Block Course Starts In

Sign Up

We would love to have you at at our block course! Once you have filled out the form below, we will be in touch to let you know the details on how to pay, what to expect each week and how to funnel through any queries that we can address each week as we go on.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions of very simple… they start with our promise to support you on your journey to developing a healthier and stronger you. In-turn, you will be agreeing to make every effort to give your body the best chance to thrive and develop the way you want it to. Payment will be made before the commencement of the course to help ensure resources are available to provide you the best quality instruction possible. When taking part in group discussion, you will be sensitive to the journeys of other people in the group and you will accept all praise and support given to you by other members as you hit your goals!

Please see the text above to read the terms and conditions for this challenge group.

Payments need to be made prior to the block course starting.

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