It’s been a week of changes and I, like most, am not a fan of change. It scares me and makes me feel sick.

I spend a large part of my day pushing myself to be uncomfortable but then in other aspects of life I can sink into a certain level of squishy, easy flow that somewhat resembles living but is really just.. comfortable.

The thing with being comfortable is it’s far less about where you are and all about where you should be. You aren’t so much in love with the position you’re in as you are dead scared of being in that next place. So you distract yourself with the pros list you can scrape together and convince yourself you’re doing a great thing for yourself, or often for someone else.

I handed in my resignation this week.

I haven’t done that in years because I hadn’t worked for anyone else for years. I loved working for myself and felt I’d reached a level of proficiency and experience that I had that right and ability. Then a window opened for me to work with some fantastic people, in a field I love and have the opportunity to meet people who would help me grow, learn more (which is a passion of mine) and do it as part of my job. How could I say no?

This message isn’t about the negative stuff that happened in the 3 years I was working in that job but rather the level of discomfort I was willing to withstand before I could jump back out of the boat and learn to float or fall on my own again. Perhaps you’re where I am, perhaps you’ve been looping that hamster wheel because you don’t know if you will sink or swim. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been told one too many times that you just aren’t enough. I’m here to call you on that and suggest that you might just be wrong.

We allocate power to people in our lives.. and often our allocation is misguided or manipulated. If someone is stopping you from doing something that fulfills you or enables you to reach your potential would you call that person a friend? Would you say they were on your side at all? Does someone who is not on your side deserve the right to speak over your life in a way that crushes you? How much power are you giving to voices that don’t build you up?

Is that person someone you respect? How crazy is it that we take on so much opinion from people who we would never aspire to be more like?! I have several people in my life that I respect and whom I know are on my side and at times they have had to be harsh with me and I have taken that on board because I know it comes from love.

I know that when Jacqui comes out to yell at me from the sidelines during a comp she is 100% behind me and when I have doubts in my abilities she’s always got my back. If I tell her I’m buying a food trailer and making inSynergy my priority she’s the first one to business plan with me. She believes in me and her voice deserves my attention.

Stop. Take this moment to do a self check… how many good voices do you have speaking to you? I am blessed by so many I would be rambling to type them all, and I’m sure you are too.

If not, maybe those voices are waiting for you in your new uncomfortable… Maybe you need to step away from the noise and seek them out.